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Vizion is an integral geographical positioning system which provides security, logistics management, remote diagnosis tools, and control of driving behavior in real time. Designed to operate online with any PC, Mac or Mobile device that has Internet access. Users can enter their Vizion web site portal and monitor accurate current information on their fleet / assets. Vizion can increase control of any fleet of vehicles maximising optimum use of available resources. It can enhance preventive control and maintenance activities by analysing information available from each vehicle. Thus providing customers with more trust and security.


Vizion can enhance traditional property security systems during movement of your company assets.

  • Monitoring of trips
  • Security activation
  • Electronic security
  • Customised security procedures
  • LCC 24/7 Call Center with fast response
  • Global Coverage
  • Interaction with every unit through:
  • Image capture
  • Fuel cut off
  • Alarms (panic, door opening, non-authorized stops, release, passive alarms, etc.)
  • Keypad validation
  • Mechanical locks for plate and containers


Vizion provides information on distribution logistics and permits management, control, and optimisation of logistics.

  • Availability of resources in real time
  • Control of in time scheduled arrivals (just in time)
  • Communication with Garmin devices
  • Management of road maps and deviations from standards
  • Trip auditing - non-scheduled stops, speed limit violations, distance traveled, real fuel consumption, violation of “Geofences”
  • Efficient communication through message terminals, bar code readers, etc.
  • Integration with ERP and logistic systems

Driver Behaviour

Vizion allows identifying, alerting, and recording of unsafe driving.

  • Digital tachograph
  • Control of driving and rest times
  • Restriction of areas, times, and places
  • Driver’s identification
  • Audiovisual interface to alert drivers
  • Record of sudden acceleration and braking with accelerometer
  • Intelligent geographically referenced speed violations
  • Early alert of risk zones
  • Speed record every one second
  • Reproduction of accident events
  • Scoring of traffic violations
  • Statistics of driving in real time

Remote Diagnostics and Maintetnance

Vizion can organise maintenance activities, alerts and alarm events on vehicle fleets.

  • Management of maintenance activities through the use of total and partial odometers
  • Can Bus connectivity
  • OBD 2 diagnosis system
  • Fuel-saving driving techniques
  • Transmission of error codes
  • Historical reports and alarms on engine level, pressure, and temperature
  • Driving conditions
  • Monitoring of RPM and fuel consumption
  • Usage factor