24V / 80kJ Bus Heavy Duty Ultra Capacitor

Ultra capacitors improve the reliability of a vehicle’s starting and electrical systems. Used in parallel with a vehicle’s batteries, the StartSentry assists a starting battery on every start. It can also be configured to remove transient stresses from a vehicle's electrical system and therefore improve battery life with potential fuel savings. 

In 'start mode' configuration' parasitic loads do not effect the StartSentry. The Ultra-capacitor is electrically connected when starting and then disconnected after start. If parasitic loads do drain the starting batteries, the Start Sentry has the capability to start the vehicle from the stored power within the system. After initial installation StartSentry has an initial charge time of approximately 15 minutes. Once in operation the system will sustain it’s charge by periodically maintaining it’s electrical connection to the batteries for 20 minutes after starting.

Start Sentry modules encase all components, capacitors, controls, and contactor for a simple streamlined installation.

Some configurations can allow a fleet operator to remove secondary starting / cranking batteries, saving weight and maintenance costs. Faster cranking during starting lowers exhaust emissions at engine start and relieves stress on the starter and other electrical system components.