Achieving the correct ambient lighting in buses and coaches while driving at night can be a challenge. Some passengers may wish to snooze, others might like to read a book or magazine, check and update mobile phones or other media devices. This causes the dilemma. Lights on or off? At night, typically lights are dimmed and passengers can choose a private reading light, usually situated in the ceiling of the vehicle which then shines on the appropriate seat, illuminating their surroundings.

However, to reach from the ceiling, such lights need to be quite bright. This can cause annoyance to nearby passengers, as well as a significant rear view distraction to the driver as lights flash on and off while the vehicle is in motion. The LCC PVPro-L reading light offers the ideal solution. It can be installed in the back of the seat in front. The light ray can be directed to the left or right as well as forward or backwards for discreet, yet maximum comfort for both the user and their neighbours.

As it is situated behind the seat, there is no stream of light from the ceiling, so neither the driver nor other passengers are distracted. The PVPro-L
reading light is designed to match with our already popular PVPro range of USB chargers. With passenger accessible charging and directable personal lighting, these two products offer a simple and inexpensive offering that significantly enhances customer experience.

Technical Data

  • Input voltage range 9-32Vdc
  • Output light 500 lux @ 0.25m, 225 lux @ 0.5m
  • Application Directable reading light for installation in seat back
  • Transient voltage protection Meets ISO7637-2 International standard for 12/24V vehicles
  • Off load current (quiescent current) < 2mA @ 12V, 7mA @ 24V
  • Power conversion efficiency Light on 98mA @ 12V, 48mA @ 24V
  • Operating temperature -25°C to +50°C to meet this specification table
  • Storage temperature -25°C to +100°C
  • Operating humidity 95% max., non-condensing
  • Casework Polycarbonate body
  • Connections Input: 6.3mm push-in flat blade connectors
  • On/off switch incorporated
  • Output indicator Blue LED output indication when reading light off
  • Mounting method 30mm diameter hole with or without bezel.
  • Over heat protection
  • Overvoltage and Undervoltage protection
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Transient protection
  • Catastrophic protection
  • Limited by temperature sensing circuit  protection
  • Limited by sensing circuit  protection
  • Limited by sensing circuit  protection
  • Protected by filters and rugged component selection
  • Internal fuse protection
  • Approvals 2014/30/EU The general EMC directive
  • Regulation 10 The automotive directive
  • 93/68/EEC The CE marking directive
  • AES5, ECE R118.02 and UL 94: V-0
  • Designed to EN50498, EN61373 and ISO 7637-2
  • To fully meet railway approval to EN50155 & EN50121-3-2 the PVPro is to be used in conjunction with a PV6i-R or PV12i-R