Hybrid Beltless Alternator

The Vanner HBA uses DC Converter technology to replace the traditional alternator in heavy duty hybrid vehicle applications. As a leader in commercial vehicle power conversion systems for more than three decades, Vanner continues to solve operational, fuel efficiency and emission challenges for the vehicle industry with the Vanner “Hybrid Beltless Alternator” (HBA).

  • 25-30% efficiency improvements over traditional alternator technology
  • Fuel economy improvements and reduced exhaust emissions
  • Stable DC power at all temperatures and speeds
  • Precise and maintenance-free integrated voltage regulation
  • Rugged, reliable performance built to last through vehicle mid-life and beyond
  • Innovative design and installation location eliminates safety concerns and maintenance problems associated with conventional alternators. 
The Vanner HBA surpasses alternator performance and reliability by providing full power at curb idle. The HBA delivers equal or more power than conventional OEM alternators through 85% of the drive cycle. The solid-state design eliminates the reduced or lost power experienced by traditional alternators when internal temperatures increase.