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90 Series Equalizer, Battery Monitor & Isolator

The Vanner VAN-Bus CAN Power Management System is an efficient and highly reliable method of maintaining isolation between your 24-Volt DC starting system and your 24-Volt DC auxiliary system. In addition to providing regulated 24-Volt power, the system provides charging to the 24-Volt auxiliary battery, when conditions permit, which significantly extends battery life. Ideally suited for vehicle and alternate energy applications, the VAN-Bus is designed to save your batteries and the money you would spend replacing them. Users of the Vanner VAN-Bus know that it is the most cost effective and dependable solution for 24-Volt systems.

The CAN (Controller Area Network) Capable Smart Monitor is a device designed to monitor and report the status of several critical functions in the vehicle electrical system. This unit provides real-time fault signals over the CAN bus to the vehicle electrical system controller. Fault indications can then be given from the vehicle’s electrical system controller. Battery-monitoring algorithms have been incorporated into the 90-60 Series VAN-Bus, transmitting real time battery state of charge, state of health, and run time messages over CAN.

A typical system would include a 24-Volt DC-starting system, a 24-Volt DC auxiliary system, and the 90-Series. The 90-Series connects to the 24-Volt starting system, 24-Volt auxiliary system and ground terminals of the battery system. When the auxiliary battery requires charging, the VAN-Bus ensures that the current is transferred from he starting batteries, when conditions permit, and that the auxiliary batteries can not drain the starting batteries when loads are left on. This isolation between the two 24-Volt systems ensures that the starting batteries will maintain the power required to start the vehicle, and provides a stable 24-Volt supply for operating accessories.