Battery Equalizer

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70 Series Stand-alone Equalizer

A typical 70 Series equalizer system would include a 24VDC power source, such as an alternator or solar array, two 12 volt battery banks in series, and the VANN-Guard. The VANN-Guard connects to the 24 volt, 12 volt and ground terminals of the battery system. When the 12 volt loads require power, the VANN-Guard ensures that the current is taken equally from both batteries, and that the voltages of the two batteries are kept equal. This equalization ensures extended battery life and provides a stable 12 volt supply for operating accessories.

Paralleling VANN-Guard: Models are available which provide 60, 80 and 100 amps of 12 volt DC power. VANN-Guard Battery Equalizers may also be operated in parallel to provide more power. For example, two 60 amp units can be installed to provide 120 amps of 12 volt DC power.