Knowledge Base - Test Socket Procedure

Locate your main BT terminal box for your incoming DSL line. (It should have a BT logo on it)

Remove the any wiring inserted into the socket at the front

Remove the lower front plate by unscrewing the left and right screws and withdrawing the front plate

With the lower front plate removed identify the test socket

Connect your DSL router and filter to the test socket and switch on the
equipment and attempt to connect to LCC Broadband


Applies To

PSTN, Multiline, ISDN2, ISDN30, ADSL 25GB Broadband, ADSL Unlimited Broadband, Fibre 50GB Broadband, Fibre Unlimited Broadband, Product Bundle


Created : 2016-11-19 11:32:56, Last Modified : 2017-06-19 11:33:59

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