Frequently Asked Question - Important information regarding new style BT wall boxes (NTE)

Important information regarding new style BT wall boxes (NTE)

Openreach is introducing a new design of Network Terminating Equipment named NTE5C.It is a replacement for the existing NTE5A. A compatible VDSL filter front plate is also being introduced called the VDSL filter Mk4 which will replace the VDSL filter Mk3.

  • The new NTE5C design removes the need for CP end customers to unscrew the front plate to gain access to the test socket and isolate the home wiring. Deployment plan for NTE5C and VDSL filter Mk4:
  • NTE5C / VDSL filter Mk4 will be used for new installations and only when replacement is needed  for Repair. There are no plans for a proactive deployment of these NTEs. Openreach is now building up stocks of the NTE5C. Wider deployment will be phased in from late May 2016 onwards as stocks of the existing NTE5A and VDSL filter Mk3 start to reduce.
  • NTE5A will continue to be used alongside the NTE5C during May through to June 2016 NTE5C population will build over time as lines are installed and repaired. The “pull off / push on” design will reduce the time taken to remove / replace the front cover.
  • For situations where LCC customers are being asked to isolate the home wiring from the Openreach network for fault testing and diagnostics, please refer to our other FAQs

BT Leaflet on NTE5C design - Click Here