DC/DC Converter

DC to DC converters provide high current 12 and 24 volt conversion for vehicle systems. Vanner converters have low ripple, regulated DC outputs, making them compatible with a wide variety of electrical loads.

Vanner’s DC to DC converters are designed to withstand the severe environments of heavy-duty vehicles. All models feature a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum case and large threaded terminals for easy wiring. The case is accessible for repair of the solid state circuit should the need ever arise. Models are available in different output current levels and offer conversions from 24 to 12 volts DC as well as from 12 to 24 volts DC.

DC to DC Converter Features:

  • Solid state circuitry Excellent regulation
  • Low output ripple Resettable circuit breaker
  • Corrosion-resistant case Current limiting
  • Reverse polarity protection Short-circuit proof
  • Input transient protection Overvoltage protection