LCC’s VOIP solutions offer your business greater communications flexibility with additional features and significantly reduced costs. VOIP systems are easy to maintain without the burdens of complexity, cost and training that standard telephony equipment often demands.

VOIP is, put simply, Internet telephony – the transmission of voice traffic over a dedicated high-speed broadband connection instead of traditional wires. Call quality is at least equal to that of a standard phone and often far better.

LCC provides business VOIP services to businesses of all sizes. Our solution is much more than a replacement technology for analogue lines, it offers a multitude of intelligent numbering services, without the investment required for a PBX. Included in our VOIP product portfolio is a range of tried and tested cutting edge hosted solutions. See our case studies for examples of how these solutions have helped solve some of today's typical business issues.

What Types Of IP Telephony Does LCC Offer?

We offer two types; hosted solutions and connectivity-only solutions.

Regardless of whether you choose a hosted IP Telephone System, or a connectivity-only solution, you will benefit from reduced line rental and call costs and with free calls within and between all your offices.  You can keep your existing numbers, and our solutions are completely scaleable in line with the growth of your company.

Hosted: This solution enables your telephone system to be hosted externally, so there is no need for physical hardware (other than handsets) in your premises. The user controls the system, via a simple yet intuitive online control panel. The main benefits of a hosted system are that you don't need to rely on technical expertise, thus giving you increased control, there are no maintenance charges, and your system is upgraded automatically when new features are released.

Connectivity-only: This type of solution involves connecting your existing telephone system to our IP network. If your existing system is already IP-capable, we can provide a direct connection. If not, we can provide a box, which when connected to your system, acts as a gateway to the IP network. Either way, you receive the benefits that IP telephony offers. These solutions add longevity to your existing system, and are often seen as a migration path towards IP telephony.

What Is IP Telephony ?

 At LCC we won’t bamboozle you with technical jargon; we strive to make business communications simple and to provide the solution that is right for your business. In simple terms, IP Telephony transmits voice over a data network (for example via your broadband connection) rather than the traditional analogue phone line.

How Does It Work?

When you make a call the conversation is broken down into tiny packets and reassembled at the receiving end. There is a common misconception that IP telephony requires access to a computer, however all that is required is a broadband connection.

The Result

The call sounds exactly as it does on traditional analogue lines, and your company can benefit from improved call management, total flexibility with phone numbers, and lower costs.

Using The Cloud To Communicate

The Cloud is reshaping the future of communications services. Hosted applications such as IP Centrex, SIP Trunking and Hosted Contact Centre solutions are changing not just the way we all communicate, but the way we work – in the office, at home and on the move. Over 70% of UK businesses already use at least one fully deployed cloud-based application*.

(* Businesses of 50 or more users. Source: ‘Cloud is becoming the new normal’ #SP02U, June 2012)

Hosted Communications Services Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

With traditional voice services in decline, now’s the time to evolve your business and make the cloud work for you. We offer the latest technology, enabling you to react quickly to market opportunities, but without the challenges of having to manage costly resources and maintain levels of expertise in-house. Improve your customer service so you can respond quickly and flexibly to meet demand.

Our Hosted Communications Services are embedded within a next-generation network, providing built-in quality of service, security and resilience as standard, backed by extensive expertise, resources and reach. 

Make The Most Of The Opportunities In This Evolving World Of IP

Our Hosted Communications Services portfolio delivers more of the smart business tools you need, offering practical, cost-effective solutions that deliver high performance and reliability.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking bridges legacy and next generation voice technology, providing a simple first step towards unified communications without any major investment or disruption. The service allows you to keep your existing PBX and handsets, but benefit from enhanced functionality and significantly lower costs – in many cases up to 50% savings. It’s the ideal replacement for ISDN, offering greater flexibility, business continuity as standard, and can scale to suit all businesses.

Hosted IP Centrex

This is our industry-leading unified communications solution bringing together voice, video, presence and collaboration tools on any device, anywhere in the UK. As well as enabling smarter working, it offers lower call costs and advanced call handling. Because the service is hosted and fully managed, there’s no need for a PBX, no major up-front investment and operates on a pay-as-you-grow basis. It also integrates with our data connectivity products.

Hosted Contact Centres

Hosted Contact Centres (HCC) can be deployed quickly and simply. Our solution offers all the benefits of a high-performance contact centre – including voice, email, SMS, social networking and automated access – without the associated set-up costs of an on-premise solution. Our flexible commercials and scalability mean you can enjoy agile, responsive enterprise grade capabilities that will help you deliver a great customer experience and support your business growth ambitions.

Inbound Services

Our Inbound Calls services give you all the flexibility of non-geographic numbers, smart call handling, dynamic call stats and analysis. You can have a Freephone, fixed rate or premium rate number that can be routed anywhere in the UK. We use a dedicated, high capacity, fully resilient network meaning you can choose how, when or where to scale up or down to match call demand – giving you complete control. And you can make the most of our inbound and outbound calls services by combining them to get even better rates.

A Full Suite Of Communications Services To Empower Your Business

Everything You Need, Whenever You Need It

Unified Communications (UC) is transforming the way in which we all work. It helps people to collaborate more effectively, more efficiently and more easily across both mainstream mobile and desktop platforms. That’s why we’ve developed our seamless, intuitive and feature-rich UC Office solution. This smart communications application will enable you to stay in touch wherever you are - in the office, at home and on the move. It works seamlessly on any device, whether a PC, laptop, or smartphone, giving access to a full suite of conferencing, communication and collaboration tools that will boost productivity wherever you are.

Ideal For…

  • All sizes and types of businesses
  • Businesses with mobile and remote workers (or those wishing to introduce flexible working), giving staff access to the same functionality as their desk-based colleagues
  • Those with Windows and Mac operating systems who want a desktop application that operates as a completely independent soft phone or can be integrated with a user’s existing handset.
  • Those with Android and iOS devices who want a Smartphone application that fully synchronises with the desktop application, giving them access to all their contacts and many key features whilst on the move.

Product Specifics

 Add-on package. UC Office can be added to our IP Voice Hosted Advanced and SIPT Advanced licences.

 Full suite of tools. Includes voice, video, instant messaging (IM) and presence, audio conferencing and web collaboration

  •  Voice and Video. Make and receive voice and video calls on PCs or smartphones. Fixed, remote and mobile workers can use UC Office as a primary or secondary device. Control your desk phone with click-to-dial functionality and manage call settings from multiple devices on any network.
  •  Instant Messaging & Presence (IM&P). Securely send and receive instant messages, conduct group chat, set your presence and monitor the availability of your contact on their PC or smartphone*. 
  •  Personal conferencing & collaboration. Each user has their own ‘My Room’ to conduct reservationless audio conferences, point-to-point video calling and/or web collaboration sessions. Share real-time content and desktop screens during meetings, webinars and training sessions.

Add-On Packages

We offer two types of add-on packages - UC Business and UC Team. Simply choose the package most suitable for your needs and

it can be easily added to your service offering.

  1. UC Office Business

A purely desktop-based application and includes the following features:

  • Voice and Video Calling
  • Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P)
  • Shared Call Appearance 5

2. UC Team

Includes the above but with the following additional features, and can also be accessed through the smartphone application:

  • Personal Audio Conferencing
  • Personal Desktop Sharing
  • Web Collaboration


  • Increased efficiency. Access to real-time information and collaboration tools helps to make teams more efficient and productive.
  • Lower communication costs. Save on the expense and time of travel by holding meetings from your desk.
  • Quick to set up. UC Office is easy to manage and use - everything is automatically configured and seamlessly integrated with existing communication tools.
  • Empowering your business. This solution brings together a full suite of innovative conferencing and collaboration features, enabling you to simply and easily choose the specific package that fits your needs.
  • True flexibility. Calls can be moved between different devices without interruption, so your communication roams with you.