Product Specifics

 Add-on package. UC Office can be added to our IP Voice Hosted Advanced and SIPT Advanced licences.

 Full suite of tools. Includes voice, video, instant messaging (IM) and presence, audio conferencing and web collaboration

  •  Voice and Video. Make and receive voice and video calls on PCs or smartphones. Fixed, remote and mobile workers can use UC Office as a primary or secondary device. Control your desk phone with click-to-dial functionality and manage call settings from multiple devices on any network.
  •  Instant Messaging & Presence (IM&P). Securely send and receive instant messages, conduct group chat, set your presence and monitor the availability of your contact on their PC or smartphone*. 
  •  Personal conferencing & collaboration. Each user has their own ‘My Room’ to conduct reservationless audio conferences, point-to-point video calling and/or web collaboration sessions. Share real-time content and desktop screens during meetings, webinars and training sessions.

Add-On Packages

We offer two types of add-on packages - UC Business and UC Team. Simply choose the package most suitable for your needs and

it can be easily added to your service offering.

  1. UC Office Business

A purely desktop-based application and includes the following features:

  • Voice and Video Calling
  • Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P)
  • Shared Call Appearance 5

2. UC Team

Includes the above but with the following additional features, and can also be accessed through the smartphone application:

  • Personal Audio Conferencing
  • Personal Desktop Sharing
  • Web Collaboration


  • Increased efficiency. Access to real-time information and collaboration tools helps to make teams more efficient and productive.
  • Lower communication costs. Save on the expense and time of travel by holding meetings from your desk.
  • Quick to set up. UC Office is easy to manage and use - everything is automatically configured and seamlessly integrated with existing communication tools.
  • Empowering your business. This solution brings together a full suite of innovative conferencing and collaboration features, enabling you to simply and easily choose the specific package that fits your needs.
  • True flexibility. Calls can be moved between different devices without interruption, so your communication roams with you.