What Types Of IP Telephony Does LCC Offer?

We offer two types; hosted solutions and connectivity-only solutions.

Regardless of whether you choose a hosted IP Telephone System, or a connectivity-only solution, you will benefit from reduced line rental and call costs and with free calls within and between all your offices.  You can keep your existing numbers, and our solutions are completely scaleable in line with the growth of your company.

Hosted: This solution enables your telephone system to be hosted externally, so there is no need for physical hardware (other than handsets) in your premises. The user controls the system, via a simple yet intuitive online control panel. The main benefits of a hosted system are that you don't need to rely on technical expertise, thus giving you increased control, there are no maintenance charges, and your system is upgraded automatically when new features are released.

Connectivity-only: This type of solution involves connecting your existing telephone system to our IP network. If your existing system is already IP-capable, we can provide a direct connection. If not, we can provide a box, which when connected to your system, acts as a gateway to the IP network. Either way, you receive the benefits that IP telephony offers. These solutions add longevity to your existing system, and are often seen as a migration path towards IP telephony.