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PSTN - An analogue (PSTN) line is a single line that is primarily used for making voice calls, connecting to fax machines, credit card machines, alarms and broadband.


LCC’s mulitline option gives you 2 or more lines associated with the same telephone number. Having an additional line means that if a call comes through to an engaged line, the call will simply be passed to the next available line so you'll never miss a call again.


ISDN2e is a 2 channel digital line voice and data service ideal for small businesses. You can connect up to 8 digital devices and make or receive 2 calls at once. You can also have an internet connection on this line. A 2 channel ISDN circuit costs a similar amount to 2 analogue phone lines but offers greater flexibility. With ISDN2e you get crystal-clear voice-call quality, fast data transmission and all the possibilities of a digital telephone system.


ISDN30 is an advanced digital solution for larger businesses requiring 8 lines or more. An ISDN30 line allows for the simultaneous connection of up to 30 external calls, with independent 64kbps channels. You can combine these for bandwidth-hungry applications such as high-quality video conferencing or transferring large data files. ISDN30 is digital quality and delivers extra features such as direct dialling inwards (DDI) or external call transfer from the office.

Calls / Call Plans

LCC’s call service focuses on delivering excellent quality and value for money. We only use the highest quality providers to carry our customers calls and offer extremely competitive rates.


LCC’s VOIP solutions offer your business greater communications flexibility with additional features and significantly reduced costs. VOIP systems are easy to maintain without the burdens of complexity, cost and training that standard telephony equipment often demands.

Mobile Phone SIMs

LCC SIM-ple is what it says it is ! A no nonsense, easy to understand, economic solution for mobile phones

ADSL 25GB Broadband

High-speed, economic broadband with business grade reliability and service. 25GB monthly data limit.

ADSL Unlimited Broadband

High-speed, economic broadband with business grade reliability and service. Unlimited monthly data limit.

Fibre 50GB Broadband

High-speed, economic broadband with business grade reliability and service. 50GB monthly data limit.

Fibre Unlimited Broadband

High-speed, economic broadband with business grade reliability and service. Unlimited monthly data limit.

Leased Line

High capacity, reliable Internet connection for your business. LCC’s leased lines offers a dedicated and unrestricted internet connection permanently available for your exclusive use.

EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

EFM is a cost effective way to advance to a high-capacity connection without committing to full fibre Ethernet. It delivers faster speeds than traditional broadband, bonded broadband and even Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) whilst benefitting from a lower cost than traditional leased lines.


LCC's WiFi hotspot gateway products provide secure Internet access for 25+ guests at any type of venue or business. Increase your customer experience and business, the smart way

Mobile Broadband

LCCellular is a machine to machine (M2M) solution using mobile data networks for commercial and industrial applications.

Satellite Broadband

Using a small dish on the outside of your property, along with a set-top box inside, we can offer you fast broadband, reliably, wherever you’re located.

Ultra Capacitors

Ultra capacitors improve the reliability of a vehicle’s starting and electrical systems. Used in parallel with a vehicle’s batteries, the StartSentry assists a starting battery on every start. It can also be configured to remove transient stresses from a vehicle's electrical system and therefore improve battery life with potential fuel savings.

Battery Monitor

MBVCE is a Stand Alone Battery Monitor using proprietary MBBM® (Model Based Battery Monitoring) algorithm to determine the SOH (State-of-Health) and SOC (State-of-Charge) of a vehicle’s auxiliary batteries. The Low SOC Disconnect option can send a discrete signal to open a bistable contactor if the SOC lowers to a chosen value. It then isolates the starter batteries for a future sure start. SOH and SOC values are communicated via SAE J1939 CAN protocols.

Battery Equalizer

The Vanner VANN-Guard Battery Equalizer is an efficient and highly reliable method of obtaining a 12 volt DC power source from a 24 volt DC electrical system. The VANN-Guard makes the batteries look like they are in series and parallel at the same time. In addition to providing regulated 12 volt power, the system ensures that battery voltages remain equal which significantly extends battery life

DC/DC Converter

DC to DC converters provide high current 12 and 24 volt conversion for vehicle systems. Vanner converters have low ripple, regulated DC outputs, making them compatible with a wide variety of electrical loads.

Hybrid Converters

The Vanner HBA uses DC Converter technology to replace the traditional alternator in heavy duty hybrid vehicle applications. As a leader in commercial vehicle power conversion systems for more than three decades, Vanner continues to solve operational, fuel efficiency and emission challenges for the vehicle industry with the Vanner “Hybrid Beltless Alternator” (HBA).

Hybrid Distribution

The Vanner High Voltage Distribution Module (HVDM), is ideal for heavy duty lorry and bus applications using hybrid or pure electric technology. It permits the control, monitoring and distribution of the drive train battery power to auxiliary power take-offs. As with all Vanner equipment, units are rigorously tested to their 'endurance qualification' standards ensuring rugged, reliable and safe operation.


Vizion is an integral geographical positioning system which provides security, logistics management, remote diagnosis tools, and control of driving behavior in real time. Designed to operate online with any PC, Mac or Mobile device that has Internet access. Users can enter their Vizion web site portal and monitor accurate current information on their fleet / assets.

LCCellular (M2V)

LCCellular is a machine to vehicle (M2V) solution using mobile data networks for transportation applications. We keep businesses in business by providing continuity of data communications even when other infrastructure fails. Connecting humans and vehicles anywhere, anytime. Make LCCellular part of your operation.